How glass can affect comfort and finance

Homeowners have been advised by a building expert that the use of glass can dictate how comfortable and costly their home is.

Glazed additions such as conservatories or folding sliding doors can add to the value and feel of a home, but incorrectly installed or cheaper units may leave gaps for cold air to enter and draughts to occur.

This in turn will push up heating bills and make the property less cosy, according to the Daily Telegraphs Jeff Howell.

"[An] improvement can be achieved with professionally fitted sliding secondary glazing, which will cost a few hundred pounds and have a payback period of three to five years," he said.

"But it makes a big difference to internal comfort levels, cuts down external road noise and preserves the original glazing – especially important in period properties."

Glazed extensions can also be great places to enjoy views of the garden and the Daily Telegraph recently advised gardeners that the winter months cast a unique and subtle slanting light across the garden, accentuating tones and colours.