How Does A Combined Shed And Greenhouse Work

If you are a keen gardener but have only a small garden, you could well benefit from purchasing a combined shed and greenhouse.

Everyone loves a shed – in fact, it’s an essential part of most households’ gardens, holding as it does anything from the lawnmower and gardening equipment to the children’s bicycles and those half-used pots of paint left over from the last time you decorated.

Greenhouses are probably seen as a luxury in most people’s eyes – reserved for the most green-fingered of us, who love to potter around the garden, growing exotic plants or tomatoes for the kitchen.

How Does A Combined Shed And Greenhouse Work

But what if you could combine the two facilities – the shed and the greenhouse – into one, far more compact space? How fantastic would that be? How much more practical would that be in a smaller garden than two separate structures?

Here at Gabriel Ash we have a fabulous range of just such combined buildings which are ideal for the smaller garden as they take up far less space than two separate structures.

Both attractive and innovative, our greenhouse/shed combinations offer the flexibility to store and grow in the same place.

How Does A Combined Shed And Greenhouse Work

They are really quite simple in construction, offering one side like a shed and the other like a greenhouse. The two are separated by an internal door which you can shut to keep the heat in the greenhouse part or open to allow access to the shed when you want to be able to reach your equipment without bother – or to allow the heat out of the greenhouse, should that be necessary.

Our fabulous Grow and Store buildings come in two different widths as well as various lengths, so you can buy the exact size you need for your garden, however small it is.

The greenhouse part of our Grow and Store buildings is of course fully glazed, while the shed part is made of high-quality Western red cedar wood, which is both durable and immensely attractive, requiring the minimum of maintenance over its lifetime.

How Does A Combined Shed And Greenhouse Work

The shed part of the Grow and Store features a strong aluminium roof which will keep that part of the building watertight, meaning you can rest assured your lawnmower will not get damp even in the wettest of weather.

Our shed and greenhouse combinations are not only great for space-saving but also have other benefits, too.

For instance, there is no longer the need to lug your tools or heavy bags of compost across the garden from shed to greenhouse when doing the gardening – everything you need is kept together in one place.

Furthermore, with both of your garden buildings on the same spot, you will have much more space in the garden for your precious plants.