How do greenhouse gases affect gardens?

Budding gardeners who attend an event this week will get the opportunity to find out how climate change will affect their plants.

Greenhouse gases cause climate change and to demonstrate what impact this has on plants and shrubs, the Met Office will be at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show this week.

The government body pointed out the influence of CO2 emissions can already be noted by the way seasons have changed – for example, winters are milder.

Pete Gibbs is a Met Office broadcast meteorologist at the BBC and explained the event would be a chance to dispel myths surrounding global warming.

There will be an interactive garden at the show, which will be used to exemplify the impact climate change has on outdoor spaces and plants.

Visitors will get the opportunity to present a weather forecast too, showing how the futures weather is being affected by current human actions.

"By drawing attention to some of the changes we will experience in our gardens and in our lives, we aim to give people a reliable picture of the impacts so they can prepare for the future," Mr Gibbs commented.

The event will be held from July 7th to 12th and attendees are bound to be inspired by what plants they could grow in their greenhouses and outdoor spaces.