Households not buying into major energy-efficiency measures

Homeowners are refusing to buy into measures that could save them money while helping the environment, it has been asserted.

Recent findings suggest while over three quarters of respondents are more energy efficient than a year ago, over two in five (43 per cent) believe saving power costs money.

Commenting on the findings, uSwitch director of consumer policy Ann Robinson said there is a general lack of understanding.

"They are not buying into the major energy-efficiency measures because they are worried about the costs involved, are confused about what is available and dont understand the savings they could make," she explained.

More than a third (36 per cent) of respondents cited saving money as the reason for becoming more eco-friendly, while nine per cent said it was environmental concerns.

While 29 per cent would not pay more for a 100 per cent renewable "green" electricity plan, some may consider adding a quality conservatory to help capture heat and light from the sun.

The findings come a short while after the government announced plans to offer every home in the UK assistance in becoming more environmentally-friendly by 2030.