House prices continue to fall building the case for improvement

While Scotland may not enjoy the best of weather, a few more homeowners may be considering adding a conservatory to their home to make the best of the good weather that does grace the country from time to time.

A conservatory can be a pleasant environment in which to spend summer days readying or entertaining and can allow natural light to flood the home, whilst protecting from the elements.

A further case for improving the home with a conservatory was made after Lloyds TSB Scotland announced the findings of its Scottish House Price Monitor.

With the average house price dropping four per cent to £165,389 in the three months leading up to October 31st, adding a coveted extra to the home is likely to make it more appealing to future buyers and more comfortable to live in while the market gets back on its feet.

Lloyds TSB Scotland chief economist professor Donald MacRae explained that, although the Scottish economy and housing market will improve in future, they have been in better shape.

"The Scottish economy is entering a significant slowdown with rising claimant unemployment and falling consumer confidence," he said.

"The number of housing transactions has declined markedly since one year ago and the market is adjusting to lower prices and sales."

A conservatory can be just the thing to help spruce up a home, giving great views of the garden and offering a comfortable place to unwind.