Hotel creates largest hanging garden in the world

A London hotel has created a new landmark in the city by building the worlds largest hanging garden.

The newly-opened Hotel Indigo London built the 20 ft by ten ft hanging basket to mark its opening and reflect the unique character of the Paddington establishment.

Spokesman Karin Nielsen explained that it had drawn comparisons with the historic Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

"Our hotel is all about unique design, bold colours and seasonal changes, so what better way to mark its arrival in the UK than by creating the worlds largest hanging basket?" he said.

"Weve taken our inspiration from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the world, and hope that our hanging garden will become a wonder of London."

The basket contains over 100 species and is suspended 25 feet [ft] above ground, allowing passers-by to marvel at its scale, colour and texture.

Gardeners were recently advised by the Times to start planting indoor species of tomatoes in their greenhouses now as they offer the ideal environment in which to grow them.