Horticulture student in Lottery competition final

A keen horticulturist has reached the final stage of the National Lottery Peoples Millions Competition.

Julie Spicer, a global plant use student at Duchy College entered the competition with St Merryn Climate Friendly, an allotment and community gardens project that provides allotments for locals to grow food.

The group hope to use any winnings to build a new wildlife sanctuary, ornamental garden, polytunnel and pond on a five-acre site, according to Smallholder.co.uk.

"Horticulture is something I love and I think everyone should be entitled to an allotment or area to grow vegetables," Ms Spicer told the website.

"Climate Friendly wants to make this a reality and encourage everybody in the community to grow their own.

"It is really important people vote for this cause because runners up as well as the winners have a chance of the having their project funded."

The competition will be decided via phone vote on November 24th.

A greenhouse is another great place to grow your own fruit and vegetables and those lucky enough to have the room in their garden could use it to grow the likes of tomatoes and peppers.