Horticulture – what is it

Horticulture is the process of propagating and cultivating a wide range of plants such as flowers, shrubs, trees, fruit and vegetables. It is a scientific and artistic process that can be practised either professionally or as a therapeutic process by those who love gardening and wish to experiment with growing a selection of plants and producing fruit and vegetables in their own garden.

Those who are professional horticulturists will devote their time to researching and studying plant cultivation and propagation and will also look at other aspects of gardening, such as the preparation of soil and improving the quality of crops.  Horticulturists will also look at the environmental issues involved in gardening.

Horticulture can involve organic gardening, which some choose in order to protect the environment and produce healthier crops. Organic gardening involves using healthier methods of plant growth and pest disease to create a healthier environment and reduces the risk of plant disease. Organic crops also produce a wide range of health benefits.

In addition to the production of flowers, trees, fruit and vegetables, horticulture can also involve the process of winemaking. Professional horticulturists will produce their own fruit, vegetables and wine for marketing and some may take cuttings of plants to sell.

Horticulture can involve the process of greenhouse gardening. Many gardeners grow horticultural crops in greenhouses to provide them with extra protection. Opting for greenhouse gardening offers gardeners the chance to grow a wide selection of crops all year round. Greenhouse horticulture enables gardeners to easily control temperatures and create the right atmosphere for their plants by adding extra heating or lighting when required. Many gardeners also choose greenhouse gardening due to the many attractive structures now available, which not only enable them to grow a selection of their favourite plants but also enhance the look of their garden.

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