Homeowners should de-clutter and embrace colour to make the most of space

Homeowners should consider de-cluttering their homes and try different colour schemes to make their home appear larger. First Moves magazine provided several tips to enable homeowners to make the most of the space that they have.

“Be ruthless: get rid of everything you no longer use, need or want,” the magazine advised.

“To make the most of space, you have to be tidy and organised.”

Home owners are also advised to “embrace colour” to make smaller rooms appear bigger. According to First Moves magazine, “colour not only adds character but effortlessly becomes the focal point of a room – so it’s less about size, more about the wow factor”.

Other tips that homeowners were offered included positioning mirrors opposite windows to bounce natural light back in and make a room look bigger, and clearing a kitchen and adding items such as worktop savers to provide more preparation space.