Homeowners now looking for more modern conservatories

Homeowners are increasingly choosing modern designs when they decide to have conservatories installed, according to a leading London-based estate agency.

With the recession biting and Britons not planning on selling their homes any time soon, many are opting to build conservatories as part of an improve rather than move strategy.

Now Simon Edwards from Savills has suggested in a new report in the London Magazine that the classic style is making way for a newer, more aesthetically-pleasing genre of conservatories.

He told the magazine: "Theres a move away from Victorian-style conservatories. If people are going to add an extension they go for a glass cube with minimal structural elements.

"A lot of councils, certainly Camden where we are based, seem to favour a modern extension with architectural merit rather than a Victorian pastiche on listed and period buildings."

Mr Edwards added that it was disappointing to see that some homeowners in London face "hassle" to obtain planning permission, as most of its boroughs are conservation areas.

Savills was established in 1855 and has over 200 offices throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.