Home enhancements "remain important"

Improvements, such as the addition of a bespoke conservatory to a property, are important to all homeowners, according to Alliance & Leicester.

Richard Taylor, head of mortgage products at the financial services provider, makes his assertion after the publication of figures which suggest that nearly one in four (38 per cent) of homeowners who have sold a property in the past have made improvements to increase their homes value.

"It is clear that DIY and home improvements remain important to all homeowners, both to those looking to add value to their house in order to sell and to those who are looking to stay put and benefit from these improvements personally," he adds.

Mr Taylor adds that there are a wide range of worthwhile and value-adding improvements which can make a property more attractive to buyers.

In other news, figures from financial services provider AXA recently suggested that households in Middle England tend to spend more cash on home improvements.