HIPs should be improved – not scrapped

Those considering buying a conservatory may be interested to hear that the majority of industry professionals are in favour of amending rather than scrapping the Home Information Pack (HIP) scheme.

Over two-thirds of those questioned at the Land Data Great Housing Market Debate agreed the rules should be changed rather than dropped all together.

Association of Home Improvement Pack Providers director general Mike Ockenden explained he was delighted by the support for HIPs.

"What this weeks vote suggests … is that there is an appetite within the industry to now work together to improve the current offering," he said.

Mr Ockenden did concede further amendments were still required and added there is a need for the housing industry to work together to improve HIPs.

The packs provide potential homebuyers with advice on a property, including how energy efficient it is.

Meanwhile, the Council of Mortgage Lenders noted there has been an increase in interest from buyers in recent months.