Hi-tech architect redesigns elephant house

The elephant house at Copenhagen Zoo has been redesigned by hi-tech architect Norman Foster.

Mr Foster, who gained acclaim for previous commissions such as the Willis Faber building in Ipswich, has created a structure that makes use of two asymmetric glass domes to provide the space with high levels of natural light, the Independent notes.

Dappled shadows are cast by computer-generated leaf patterns which have been etched into the glazed canopies.

Armstrong Yakubu, Mr Fosters design group leader tells the publication: "Its about light, sand and air for the elephants – and we had to find a way for humans to slip through their spaces."

The publication suggests that sandhills within the structure are remodelled on a daily basis to provide the elephants with a constantly changing environment to explore.

Mr Fosters website notes that the Willis Faber Building serves to engender a sense of community and democratisation in the workplace.