Help keep the conservatory view healthy over the festive period

Conservatory owners often enjoy views of the garden from the comfort of their glazed extension.

Part of the pleasure of those views is often the wildlife that inhabits the garden, but that same wildlife can struggle to survive over the winter.

Birds often suffer the most as the hard ground makes finding a fat worm nigh-on impossible.

But conservatory owners can help their feathered friends by making a festive treat for them.

Birds need a storage of fat to survive the cold so the Daily Telegraph advises that lard or suet is melted down in a frying pan before adding dry ingredients such as birdseed, currants and oats.

Even household leftovers such as fatty bacon, grated cheese and breadcrumbs can be useful in proving the birds with a wholesome meal.

Once the mixture is cooled it should be rolled into a ball and hung in a string bag such as an orange or onion sack.

This should ensure that conservatory owners can continue to enjoy watching the local wildlife all through winter.