Height can add new dimensions to gardens

Gardeners looking to add an extra dimension to their outdoor space should consider the effects of height, the Times reports.

Writing in the newspaper, Rachel de Thame explored the positives of adding height to a garden and revealed that small plots can enjoy particular benefit from taller plants.

"If you cant spread out, then go up," she wrote.

Plants with height are able to cover any walls and fences and climbers are ideal for giving an extended view.

They can also add a new purpose to potting sheds, garages, railings and other garden structures while adding all important layers.

Ms de Thame advised gardeners that pergolas, arches and other garden structures might be worth an inclusion.

As well as providing valuable support, "they also add interest to the area in winter, when the border has died down," she explained.

In terms of plants, she said grasses such as Stipa gigantea and other items including Cephalaria gigantea and Crambe cordifolia can provide instant height, as well as keeping transparency.