Harlow Carr to get new eco-garden centre

Harrowgate council has passed planning permission for a new eco-friendly education centre at Harlow Carr that could see more than 10,000 school kids benefit each year.
The centre will have a 20 metre high wind turbine and will be used to teach sustainable gardening skills to children.
Planning officer Mr Parkes explained that the move to the new building will improve the existing facilities at the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) gardens.
"The new building will provide modern facilities with a greater capacity for educational activity, covering growing and cooking fruit and vegetables, sustainable gardening, recycling and caring for the environment, the wider importance of plants for people, and skills for a career in horticulture," he told the Harrowgate Advertiser
The RHS will hope to use the centre to encourage youngsters to get out into the garden and greenhouse to grow their own fruit and veg.
The gardens currently attract more than 200,000 visitors each year, including 23,000 school children.