Hampton Court Palace Flower Show spices things up

Horticulture lovers heading to the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show next month may like to take a notepad after the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) announced they will have a chance to learn about growing spicy foods.

The theme of the event is grow your own curry – and greenhouse enthusiasts will be able to buy, sample and learn about some of the hottest foods that can be cultivated.

It takes place from July 7th to 12th and will include displays of some of the worlds strongest chillies, as well as hyacinth beans – which are rarely grown in the UK.

A range of Indian and Mediterranean foods such as coriander and ajwain will be available in the Beans and Herbs exhibit, while 14 specialist firms are set to showcase their wares, which include the super hot Dorset Naga chilli.

Gardeners with sensitive tastebuds may prefer the Cookoo Box Nursery, where a range of veg, herbs, fruit and salads will be on offer.

Meanwhile, the RHS recently revealed a number of heirloom variety lettuces out-performed their modern day equivalents in a Garden Organic study.