Guerrilla gardeners mum told him to be

Richard Reynolds, author of On Guerrilla Gardening: A Handbook For Gardening Without Boundaries, was told by his mother to be naughtier as a child by his mum.

Janet Reynolds tells online resource that she advised him that "he ought to be a little bit more naughty" and he became a horticulturalist.

"When he was nine years old he spotted a bare patch in the corner of the playground at his school and began cultivating it. I feel thats when he started guerrilla gardening," she continues.

Richard was caught sneaking out of his boarding schools bedroom window to tend to his green space and told the headmaster that he was under his mothers instructions to do so.

The resource explains that Ms Reynolds has set up her own subversive horticultural movements in her home town of Plymouth and says that there is a "spice" to the activity as it is not technically legal, despite being "good".

The Guerrilla Gardening blog describes itself as a growing arsenal for people interested in the war against neglect towards public spaces.