Growing vegetables can help to beat the credit crunch

Consumers looking to beat the credit crunch should consider the possibility of growing their own vegetables, it has been claimed.

Food prices continue to hit consumers with some opting to shop at discount supermarkets in an attempt to reduce food bills.

Shops including Aldi, Netto and Lidl have all seen increases in business but Holland and Barrett, the health food retailer, claimed that consumers could turn to their greenhouses to save some cash.

Melanie Hickey, head of nutrition and regulatory affairs at the retailer, said that growing your own vegetables, buying from local farms and even trying organic gardening can keep food bills low.

"Grow your own or buying from local farms or market gardens presents an obvious way to reduce cost while still maintaining health and well-being," she explained.

In addition, Ms Hickey said that coming up with innovative recipes and eating at home were the best ways to reduce spending on expensive food bills.