Growing the bank balance

With food prices growing, Brits are being encouraged to get outdoors and grow their own food to keep the bank balance looking healthy.

Growing your own fruit, veg and herbs can help save money and has the added advantage of keeping you healthy, both from the work put in and from the nutrients gained from the fresh food.

National Savings and Investments (NS&I) recommends that people in the UK use their gardens to fight the current financial instability that is growing in Britain.

NS&I head of communications Tim Mack suggests trying your hand at something a little more exotic.

"Putting food on the table is more costly these days, but growing your own vegetables somewhat eases this financial pressure, as well as helping people live a healthier life," he said.

"You can save even more money by growing more exotic and oriental varieties, such as celtuce, ceylon spinach and Chinese mustard greens."

With the average family paying £750 per year for food alone, it could well prove prudent to use the garden or the greenhouse to feed the family.