Growing peppers, aubergines and chillies under glass

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Gardeners wondering what new project to begin in their greenhouse this week may like to consider sowing some pepper, chilli or aubergine seeds.

All three foods are grown in similar ways and are fairly simple to produce, according to the BBCs gardening website.

Gardeners should begin with a 7.5cm pot for each species and a few seeds should be scattered over the surface of some seed compost.

A thin layer of vermiculite should then be applied over the seeds and a clear plastic bag used to form a lid for the pot, trapping moisture and heat.

When the seedlings have grown to around two cm tall, each should be given its own 7.5cm pot.

They should be transplanted again to 12cm pots when their roots start to become visible through the drainage holes.

As the plants reach around 20cm, they should be given a stake to climb, helping them get ready to be transplanted outside in May.

By late summer, the plants should be producing healthy peppers and aubergines, with some growing until as late as October."ADNFCR-1495-ID-19065051-ADNFCR"


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