Growing heart saving food

Following the recent news that artichokes can lower blood cholesterol and the well-known fact that gardening helps reduce stress levels, Brits with a history of blood pressure or cholesterol problems in their family may like to try growing their own to help ward off any health issues.

According to the BBC website, "globe artichokes are one of the tastiest vegetables you can grow, and are as much at home in the flower garden as they are in the vegetable patch".

Planting them only takes a matter of ten minutes and should be done in an open, sunny spot with well drained soil.

Adding manure before planting will help the vegetable grow and should ensure the plant artichokes receive maximum nourishment.

Place the plant in a hole slightly larger than itself and make sure that the surface soil matches the soil mark on the stem.

Fill in the rest of the hole with soil and water the new plant well.

Any buds should be trimmed in the first year though so that the plant can establish itself but in the second summer the artichokes should be ready for harvest before their flower heads open.