Growers given greenhouse advice

Serious gardeners may at one point decide that they need a greenhouse or glasshouse to expand the range of plants they grow.

According to, owning a structure which can be used to control the internal environment is a useful way of opening up a wider range of opportunities.

It said that it is essential to position the greenhouse correctly, away from trees and overhanging branches to ensure it can be flooded with light.

"If you want a lot of light in summer, position it north-south facing and if you want light for most of the year, position it east-west," the online resource said.

Keeping the greenhouse pest-free is also important as bugs can multiply quickly in enclosed environments.

The website recommended that gardeners keep an eye out for whitefly, red spider mite and other well known greenhouse pests.

Ensuring that the greenhouse is clean and tidy will help prevent dirt from stopping light getting through the glass and therefore boost plants’ chances of success.

Meanwhile, the Cresco Times has revealed that the Regional Health Services of Howard Country, Iowa, is inviting locals to see a demonstration of how food can get from garden to plate.