Grow your own and composting becoming popular

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts may be interested to hear the thoughts of Garden Trading managing director Jon Holloway.

The expert recently attended a Homes4Media event in London, where he pointed out that there are now a great number of Brits growing fruit and vegetables.

He said: "There’s now a huge following towards composting and grow your own."

"Growing vegetables in grow bags has become increasingly popular and we thought how can we make these look better on a patio, a veranda, balcony or a greenhouse?"

The answer the firm came up with was hessian sacks, which slip over the grow bags as covers to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Mr Holloway added that there has been a lot of interest in the products and that he has also noticed a rise in interest in composting, which can be done easily in any garden.

In other news, Edinburgh City Council recently announced that it was considering creating a further 1,042 allotment plots across the Scottish capital.