Grow-you-own book released

Gardeners looking to learn how to grow their own produce may be interested to hear of a new book that will promises to leave them with time to spare.

The Grocery Garden: How Busy People Can Grow Cheap Food is the latest offering from Elise Cooke and is published by Outskirts Press.

Costing just short of $14, the paperback contains 157 pages dedicated to growing fruit and vegetables in the garden and greenhouse.

The author has also written Strategic Eating: The Econovores Essential Guide, as well as articles for various publications about how to get more out of your time.

With the books release coming just weeks after first lady Michelle Obama broke ground on her new vegetable patch on the South Lawn of the White House, it may tempt some time-strapped Americans to try their hand at horticulture.

The Wall Street Journal recently examined whether a kitchen garden made fiscal sense and concluded by saying it "absolutely" can save money.