Grow vegetables in a V-shaped trough

A deep, V-shaped trough can make an excellent spot for greenhouse and gardening enthusiasts to grow their own vegetables this summer, an expert has recommended.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, Helen Yemm revealed that a receptacle with these dimensions can be used to grow larger plants such as carrots in the middle, with smaller varieties like radishes along the edges.

Gravel should be used in the bottom as a drainage material, she continued, on top of a lining of pieces of plastic sheeting.

"As for compost, the best would be John Innes No 3, which is loam-based and reliably fertile, mixed with a little leaf mould or good garden compost," Ms Yemm added.

After a while, this compost can be replaced with fresh produce and slow-release fertiliser.

Recently, in an article for the same publication, Bunny Guinness said good design is key to a successful outside space, to avoid overcrowding.