Grow lamps for winter growth

If your greenhouse shelters winter salad leaves, vegetables or over-wintering containers or trees, then you may need a bit more than extra heat to keep them thriving through the winter.

Gabriel Ash customers are known to grow all kinds of wonderful fruit and veg throughout the winter in their greenhouses and the full support of good natural lighting and heating is often necessary for continued growth.

There are many forms of lighting and heating for a greenhouse, but if you want to grow plants through the winter that need extra light, then one of the best ways is to consider purchasing a grow lamp.

Grow lamps, also known as hydroponics, also give out a degree of heat, though not enough on their own to withstand the winter cold.

So why might you need additional light and heat?  Well, if your prized specimens are not flowering as you would like or are generally not thriving, especially during the darker months of winter, that’s when you need the helping hand of a grow lamp.

Grow lamps are small enough to focus on individual plants or specific areas of your greenhouse and give a natural light that allows your plants to bloom happily.

Some common plants that people grow with grow lamps are chillis, orchids, herbs and strawberries.

Chillis, or chilli peppers, are quite easy to grow and you may even find a chilli growers club in your area – a great way of gaining support to ensure your success.  See lots of tips and a lively forum that includes information about hydroponics.

Orchids are also another popular ‘light-house’ plant.  They are some of the worlds most rare and beautiful flowers but, due to their native source, require warmth and light to thrive in British climes.

On larger scales, herbs and strawberries are commonly grown hydroponically, and there is no reason why this cannot be carried out on a smaller scale in your greenhouse.  It’s one way to get the freshest and most organic of fruit and herbs on your plate.

Another reason to use a grow lamp, particularly as we move towards spring growing, is to start seeds off.  There will be no need to bring them into the house – just use the heat and light of your grow lamp and they will be thriving and ready for planting out in early summer.

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