Grow exotic plants up a wall

The Daily Mails Chris Beardshaw recommends growing exotic plants next to a wall to absorb the suns warmth best.

Walls absorb and reflect the warmth during the day and radiate it back out at night, he says.

"Top of my list for any garden with such generous conditions is Albizia julibrissin, the Silk Tree," writes Beardshaw.

"Originating from the broad tracts of Asia, Australia, the Americas and Africa in tropical and sub-tropical forest, this is potentially a show-stopping 40m high specimen of filigree ferny foliage and lithe stems.

"But fear not – its growing power is seriously curtailed in even the most hospitable of British gardens."

He recommends training plants up a horizontal frame or wall and trimming annually, although some exotic plants will fare better in a greenhouse.

Greenhouses help provide the stable conditions and heat needed to grow plants that cant be grown effectively outside.