Grow a flavour of the Orient in your greenhouse

Gardeners looking to create a much sought-after Japanese-style garden may consider growing bamboo in their greenhouse before transplanting it to their desired location in the garden.

The plant – actually part of the grass family – is an excellent way of adding an Oriental touch to the garden while giving a bit more privacy without the need for a high fence.

As an evergreen that grows well in medium fertile soil, the plant is capable of growing well in the UK.

Ham Central Nursery Palm Centre buyer Brian Trollip explained to Horticulture Week that bamboo shouldnt take long to grow to the desired size.

"A key selling point is speed of growth – small plants will become specimens in two to three years," he said.

"They can be very tall and erect and are excellent for screening, which is the main thing our customers look for.

"Good ones for this are Phyllostachys aurea [which has the] Award of Garden Merit (AGM) and P bissetii."

While very much dependant on local conditions, some species of bamboo can grow up to two inches in just one hour [owing to a] unique rhizome-dependent system.