Greenhouses – Why you should have one

A greenhouse is the perfect choice for any avid gardener.
Adding a greenhouse to your garden will provide you with a wide range of benefits, the main one being that you can continue your gardening hobby all year round.
Gabriel Ash offers a wide range of greenhouses that are designed to keep your plants at their best and your garden looking great.

A greenhouse enables you to extend the growing season, allowing you to start growing a selection of plants much earlier. Tomatoes, potatoes and many other types of fruit and vegetables can be grown weeks or even months earlier in a greenhouse.
Greenhouses can be equipped with extra heating or lighting, allowing you to create just the right growing environment for your plants. You can even consider growing a selection of exotic plants or desert type plants such as cacti.

Adding a greenhouse to your garden enables you to experiment with different plants and allows you to practice your gardening skills whenever you wish.

Greenhouse growing offers many benefits, the main one being that you can grow your own organic fruit and vegetables.
Adding a greenhouse to your garden enables you to practice growing a selection of produce that is free from chemicals and a healthier option for you and your family.

During the winter period, many gardeners find that their hobby has to be put on hold due to the cooler temperatures and harsh weather conditions, but by adding a greenhouse to your garden, you can continue gardening and provide your winter plants with plenty of protection.
A heated greenhouse will also provide a suitable place to store your tender plants over winter.

As well as keeping your plants protected from harsh weather conditions, a greenhouse will also keep them safe from outside pests and will reduce the risk of them being trampled on by children or dogs.
If you have a garden that is often used by family or pets, then a greenhouse will enable you to keep your plants out of the way during activities.
A greenhouse is the perfect choice for those wishing to add an attractive structure to their garden. In addition to protecting your plants, a greenhouse adds something that is stylish and elegant to your garden and certain designs, such as cedar greenhouses, are ideal for those looking for a structure that is long-lasting and beautiful.

Even if you have a small garden, there are still designs that will provide you with just enough space to grow a selection of plants.
A lean to greenhouse is the perfect choice for those that wish to add a structure to their garden that does not take up too much space. From freestanding designs to the lean to design, there are greenhouses to suit all types of garden.
Whether you are a keen gardener wishing to extend the growing season or a beginner wishing to enhance your gardening skills, a greenhouse will provide you with the freedom you need to carry out your hobby whenever you desire.

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