Greenhouses Help Property Sales

According to an article in The Telegraph, greenhouses are one of the key features that help viewers decide on a new property to buy.

And if that greenhouse is a Gabriel Ash Red Cedar wood  Greenhouse, its natural elegance and unrivalled quality would be almost sure to seal the deal.

Weekly bin collections, solar panels and a satellite TV connection are the three biggest ‘deal-sealers’ but greenhouses, walk-in wardrobes and a good 3G mobile signal are also important, according to a poll of over 1,000 people by ING Direct, the mortgage provider.

Although these are all non-essential aspects of a property, homeowners said they are the things that would encourage them to sign on the dotted line if they are wavering about whether to buy a house or not.

Richard Doe, the chief executive of ING Direct, said: “In today’s housing market you often have to compete against your neighbours to make that sale.

“Price is obviously king, but knowing and promoting ‘deal-sealers’ can give you that vital competitive edge.”

Gabriel Ash’s Robin Parker added: “We’ve always known that our greenhouses are an asset to any house, but now it’s official!”  

Author: Robert Smith