Greenhouses for Food and Health!

All year round production, protected from the weather and pests, grown in controlled conditions, – all attractive propositions for food producers, but also for those developing medicines.

Since prehistoric times plants have been used for healing. The  Ancient Egyptians chewed willow bark to relieve fever and headaches; and thousands of years later, scientists isolated salicylic acid from the bark –  the active ingredient used to make aspirin

Under greenhouses throughout the globe, the work goes on to use plants to cure and heal.

According to a recent article in the US based News Medical, the seeds of greenhouse-grown corn could hold the key to treating a rare, life-threatening childhood genetic disease.

According to researchers from Simon Fraser University, greenhouse-grown maize may become a platform for making an enzyme used to treat the lysosomal storage – a rare, but devastating childhood genetic disorder.

Author: Robert Smith