Greenhouses: Combating Poverty in Lebanon

The international community has highlighted the northern agricultural region of Akkar, Lebanon as being an area of severe poverty. As a result, investments have been made in greenhouse technology, across six villages, affected by the July 2006 war.

Most people in these remote agricultural areas live a subsistence existence – relying on the food they produce in order to feed themselves. There is very little left over for commercial purposes. This is set to change thanks to an investment project by the Spanish government.

The UN Development Program, in cooperation with the Lebanon Recovery Fund are tasked with managing the program. 102 greenhouses have been installed across the six villages, with the aim of increasing productivity; protect plants from the elements and to secure a greater standard of living for the most deprived residents.

The project appears to be yielding results already with some residents are already reporting an 80% increase in productivity.

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