Greenhouse wish list

Whether you’ve got a greenhouse or are waiting for the greenhouse fairy to bring your greenhouse to your garden, there are bound to be a few extras that you hanker for.

When you have a Gabriel Ash greenhouse you are a bit spoilt, but there’s nothing wrong in indulging in a little luxury. If your budget didn’t reach that far this time, then don’t rule out a future purchase, after all once you’ve got the greenhouse bug it’s with you for life and if you move or need to replace your inferior greenhouse, well you know what to do.
So next time someone asks you what you’d like for Christmas, or your birthday, think greenhouse.

There’s always something that can improve your greenhouse experience, enhance your greenhouse output or just make your greenhouse a nicer place to spend a few hours. And of course if you are looking for a gift for the special gardener in your life, then you’ll be thrilled at the choice of accessories available.
If you are new to the luxury quality and practicality of Gabriel Ash Greenhouses, then treat yourself or a loved one, to something from the accessories range.
Many of the greenhouse extras are bespoke additions created by the Gabriel Ash craftsmen, but others are specially selected from trusted manufacturers to suit the greenhouse growers’ needs.

Whether you need some extra shelving above the greenhouse staging or benches or some internal blinds and a louvre vent there’s a huge choice of top quality accessories on the website ( You can buy a beautiful cedar wood potting tray with a rolled aluminium base to make potting a pleasure and keep the compost tidy too.
For the romantic traditional gardener, spoil them with a set of Western Red Cedar Seed trays. You can either fill them with compost and sow direct or slot a plastic seed tray into each one and use that.
They look fabulous on the bench of a timber greenhouse and are very practical too.

By December most gardeners will have sorted the heating out within the greenhouse, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.
If you are still relying on paraffin to keep your plants cosy maybe it’s time to consider something more reliable. A jumbo propagator may be all you need to keep your precious plants safe, or consider the high tech modern greenhouse heaters, such as the Energy Efficient Greenhouse Heater designed to use less energy and keep your greenhouse above the danger level. As long as you have a properly installed, splash proof, mains supply you can pretty much plug them straight in.

In the winter and spring the greenhouse gardener needs staging and space for pots of seedlings.
Most greenhouse gardeners have a hotch potch of mismatch benches that have been bought over the years as needed.
Why not bring your greenhouse up to date, give it a good makeover so that it becomes attractive as well as productive. It will become a nicer space to work and you’ll end up spending more and more time gardening there, you know you want to! You don’t need to throw out the old staging; you could use it outdoors as a potting bench or donate it to a community gardening project or a young gardener starting out.

By spring most greenhouse gardeners will be rooting around for small plant pots for seedlings and plants. If you have a wish list for your greenhouse, don’t forget to add plant pots. Maybe you can source some really old terracotta pots to suit the style and ambience of your greenhouse, or some modern versions made from recyclable materials.

Finally put some plants on your wish list, or even some seeds. Every gardener at this time of year is inspired by the crop of seed catalogues that plop through the letter box promising a season of garden excess.
A seed voucher or a bunch of thoughtfully chosen seeds for a greenhouse gardener is a gift that is always well received.

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