Greenhouse Staging

Once you have selected your Gabriel Ash greenhouse, your work is not finished. Your next task is to install shelving to support all of the plants you will be putting in the greenhouse. Specialised greenhouse shelving, known as greenhouse staging or benching is available in a variety of materials, with designs to suit any type of greenhouse.

Here at Gabriel Ash we have a large selection of unique greenhouse staging designs available. Greenhouse staging is generally in one of two designs: slatted and tray. As the name implies, slatted staging consists of slats, usually wooden, that are supported by a frame or shelf. Many gardeners prefer the slatted style of greenhouse staging because of the generous amount of ventilation allowed by the slats. Excess moisture and poor air circulation can result in a multitude of plant diseases and other problems. Ample circulation of air also helps to strengthen the roots of the plants. For these reasons and more, the slatted style of greenhouse staging tends to be the favorite choice.

In the case of tray staging, an aluminum tray is used instead of slats. The shallow 1” deep trays are usually filled with a substance such as silver sand or pea gravel to provide the best possible growing environment for the plants.

Greenhouse staging can be obtained in a variety of designs, depending on the gardener’s individual needs. The trestle design is a popular choice due to its versatility and the lovely rustic look of its dark coloured wood. Most good staging benches are built from cedar, and this is true for the majority of our handcrafted Gabriel Ash staging. The trestle is less costly than some of the other models, and it makes an attractive display or work area.

The majority of other designs feature and upper bench as well as a lower bench, both slatted to allow for air circulation and adequate drainage when watering. This double-bench design is a little more expensive , but it is freestanding and available in a variety of sizes to customise the interior of any greenhouse.

The best location for greenhouse staging is on the side of the greenhouse that receives the least amount of sunlight. This way, greenhouse blinds can be installed on the opposite side, and the staging won’t interfere with their operation. In addition, we here at Gabriel Ash advise against installing any type of electrical devices near the greenhouse staging because of the potential electrical shock hazard it creates. All electrical installments should be completed high up, and a safe distance from all shelving and other sources of moisture. Click here for a free brochure or view our pages on greenhouse staging that will complement your cedar greenhouse.

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