Greenhouse Saves Pumpkin Crop

The UK’s biggest retailer of pumpkins – Tesco – had a happy Halloween thanks to the foresight of one of its major suppliers, who realised that greenhouses can be vital to healthy crops.

It’s been a tough year for growing anything in the UK but Tesco still managed to stock an incredible two million orange pumpkins for Halloween.

 The supermarket credits this to the forward-thinking  of one of the country’s biggest pumpkin growers – Oakley Farms in Lincolnshire. The farm harvested its crop early and moved all stock inside industrial-sized storage greenhouses before rainy weather hit the UK, meaning quality and quantity were still high.

Quoted on website, Tesco pumpkin buyer, Natasha Beagley, said: “Demand for pumpkins has grown by 60% in the last six years. During October, pumpkins always become one of the fastest selling of all vegetables but this year, because of reports of a bad season for some growers, we are seeing higher demand than normal and it’s happening earlier.”

Author: Philip Woods