Greenhouse owners have many tasks at hand

A whole range of activities need to be undertaken by greenhouse enthusiasts to keep their crops and flowers on schedule, according to the BBC.

The corporations Gardeners World website has provided a list of tasks that gardening enthusiasts might like to consider getting on with this week so that they are prepared for the summer ahead.

French and runner beans should be planted in pots – possibly those freed up by the planting out of hanging baskets with summer bedding. .

Meanwhile, petunia seedlings should be pricked out from trays once they have developed their first two true leaves.

Although conditions may have been chilly in recent weeks, it is certainly worth putting up shade netting if the sun is out and conditions in the greenhouse seem to be getting too warm.

Meanwhile, sticky traps positioned between plants should help to catch flying pests and prevent them spoiling future crops.

Last week, the publication advised sowing marrows, courgettes, cucumbers and the like in a heated propagator to prepare them for the growing season ahead.