Greenhouse-loving Britons urged to strike right balance

British interest in growing fruit and vegetables in back gardens is now bigger than ever, it has been claimed.

According to Anna-Marie DeSouza, deputy editor of Build It magazine, an increasing number of people in Britain are devoting some of their garden space to fruit and vegetable cultivation, with the use of a greenhouse coming to the fore in this area.

However, she notes that it is essential to strike the right balance between the vegetable patch and floral displays, suggesting beauty should not be entirely sacrificed for the sake of economic good sense.

The good news is that Ms DeSouza believes homeowners have it within them to combine these two elements and create the perfect garden.

"The idea of vegetable patches with floral boarders was seen at the horticultural shows this year and is sure to catch on," she confirmed.

Ms DeSouza also advocates small patio kits as must-haves for the garden this summer, noting that starting the installation process now will not result in homeowners missing the best of the warm weather.

Recent research conducted by found women are now more likely to undertake a home improvement task, with nine in ten of those polled saying they own their own power tools.