Greenhouse growers encouraged to help the community

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been encouraged to share their talents with the surrounding community.

Gardening Nude author Shawna Coronado explained in the Village Chronicles Newspaper how her decision to grow a garden for her neighbours benefit helped to change her life.

She revealed how the green space brought her closer to those living around her than she had ever imagined.

Ms Coronado decided to turn the shared patch of grass at the rear of her home into something more attractive for the good of the community.

In doing so, she helped make herself a well-known face to hundreds of residents in the area, who often praised her for the work.

"My message is that green living is healthier, and that a garden is more than a garden; it is about improving health or building community or feeding the hungry – not simply about plants," the expert explained.

Ms Coronado added that her endeavours have allowed her to make a career from gardening and touch the lives of growers around the world.

In other news, the Lawrence Journal World has recently reported on the rapid success of a Houston community garden.