Greenhouse frame timber good enough for boats

Western red cedar wood was used to construct two of the eight boats designed by the latest graduates from the Boat Building Academy in Lyme Regis.

The popular and durable cedar is the PEFC certified wood used by Gabriel Ash to bring strength and resilience to the frames of its luxury greenhouses.

At the students’ end of year ceremony they proudly launched their boats into the local harbour.

Over 200 people, including the ‘Class of March 2012’ students, staff and supporting onlookers watched as the launch took place to celebrate the culmination of the 38-week boat building course.

The red cedar boats included an 18ft Paul Gartside cutter, which was strip-planked in the wood with a small cabin and the first ever portholes designed at the Academy.

Gabriel Ash’s Robin Parker said: “The fact that western red cedar has been used in these ocean going vessels is testament to its reputation as a sound and solid construction material that stays beautiful for decades.  It is resistant to moisture, decay and insect infestation – in short, it’s the very best.”

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Author: Robert Smith

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