Greenhouse business owner makes new business from chicken compost

Chicken manure has long been popular with gardeners for their compost heaps as the nitrogen encourages green leafy growth. But due to the smell and difficulty in handling, it is often processed commercially into pellets for ease of use.

One US compost manufacturer has become the only one recognized by the Organic Materials Review Institute – the USA’s leading independent reviewer of organic production -.for his innovative organic recycling services.

In Delaware, USA greenhouse business owner, Bruce Blessing of Blessing’s Blends, found local suppliers of excess garden waste and wood which would enhance poor soil and added the chicken manure from local chicken farms.  Blessing used the special blend on the flowers and plants in his own greenhouses and also developed a business from producing and selling it.

It’s been a novel way of recycling waste to produce sustainable products and one that Gabriel Ash would like to see reproduced in this country – so let us know if you’ve heard of any similar products here.

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