Greenhouse Accessories Seed Trays, Potting Trays and Shelving

Once you have erected your elegant Gabriel Ash greenhouse, it is time to furnish it to make the most of it. One of the staples of a functional greenhouse is the staging or benching, which is usually positioned at waist level to provide an easy to reach surface upon which to place pots and seedling trays. Greenhouse staging should be placed on the side of the greenhouse that gets the least sunlight to give you the option of installing blinds to prevent the greenhouse from getting too hot. Aside from staging, there are several other accessories you can add to your greenhouse space to maximize its functionality. Gabriel Ash offers a selection of accessories for your greenhouse that not only match the design of the structure, but are also designed to help you make the most out of your gardening experience.

Seed Trays

Seed trays from Gabriel Ash are made from the same type of Western Red Cedar that is used in the construction of your greenhouse. Sold in packs of 3, these quality seed trays are held together at the sides using finger jointing and stainless steel pins. The internal measurements of 244mmx384mm are exactly the right size for holding standard sized plastic seed trays. They are the ideal starter for seeds, seedlings and cuttings and they are the perfect complement to Gabriel Ash’s cedar coldframes and greenhouses.

Potting Trays

Designed for ease of use and minimal mess when potting, Gabriel Ash’s potting tray is practical as well as appealing. It has a rolled aluminum base and solid cedar sides to help contain the soil when potting your delicate young plants. Its measurements of 565mmx675mm are the ideal size to fit on most standard greenhouse staging.


You can make the most of your Gabriel Ash greenhouse space by installing greenhouse shelving. Shelving in a greenhouse usually sits above the greenhouse staging, low enough to reach, but high enough to be out of the way while still allowing ample space for the plants. Greenhouse shelving is ideal for propagating seeds and cuttings because the air is warmer higher up. You can purchase solid red cedar shelving sized exactly to fit every greenhouse that Gabriel Ash sells. Generally shelving is installed on the side that gets the least sunlight so that it doesn’t interfere with blinds or other mechanisms that may be installed.

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