Green home improvement loans "aspirational"

Homeowners considering a home improvement – such as a conservatory – may be interested to hear there have been proposals made over how the government should distribute eco loans.

The UK Green Building Council is considering providing the 25-year-deals – worth up to £10,000 – to help Brits make their property more environmentally-friendly.

While the scheme is estimated to be costing the country £15 billion, it is hoped the benefits will be telling.

The loans could be paid back using the savings on energy bills, it has been suggested.

However, founder Gordon Miller suggested the plans were "aspirational" and "perhaps too bold" for the government to adopt.

"But sometimes grand gestures are required to mobilise people to act," he stated.

"Ultimately, what is being proposed … is just one of a series of measures to address the issue of Britains notoriously energy inefficient homes."

He added people have an individual responsibility to pay their part in reducing climate change.

Those adding a conservatory might help by ensuring it is built properly to avoid heat-loss.