Green fingered pupils taste own produce

As is very much the fashion these days, pupils at a school in Birmingham have been growing their own fruit and vegetables.

Pupils from St Albans Primary School in Kings Heath have been taking part in the summer gardening project, which is funded by Waterloo Housing Association, and have grown carrots, radishes, lettuces and strawberries amongst other things.

Their efforts have now literally borne fruit and they were able to take their produce home with them to give them a healthy start to the summer holidays.

Eleven-year-old pupil Aiden Taheny said he enjoyed the experience and hopefully it will encourage him and the other children to continue getting their little hands dirty in their gardens over the summer.

"We didnt expect the seeds to grow so fast," he said.

"It was amazing. It tasted good too!"

The project was helped by environmental conservationist Sarah Lewis, who visited the school once a week to help the pupils out.

Ms Lewis told that she is hopeful her influence will lead to the children making sensible food choices as they grow.