Government may amend conservatory guidelines

The government may change legislation surrounding conservatories to ensure that they are governed by the same energy efficiency rules that affect any other new work done on a property, according to the Daily Telegraph.

For years it has been assumed that conservatories are only used in summer and rarely, if ever, heated – but new study from the Building Research Establishment has found that 90 per cent of conservatories are used all year round.

Cheaply built conservatories can allow draughts to creep in and worse of all allow heat to escape.

Around a third of a homes energy can escape through a poorly built conservatory and it seems the government has decided to act to stop energy being wasted.

With so much being spent on insulating the UKs homes, it would be a shame if skimping on a quality conservatory ended up costing hundreds extra in fuel bills.

A positive spin-off for conservatory owners is that the legislation should ensure they are not wasting expensive energy by heating their home more than they have to.

Wholesale oil and gas prices have plummeted by two thirds in the past six months, but UK consumers are yet to see the benefits.