Good Gardening Podcasts

A good gardening podcast can provide you with hints and tips which you might not necessarily get from watching “Gardeners World”. Put simply an hour long podcast will be much more information heavy than a TV show of the same length. There is no reliance on pictures to flesh out the show and therefore can be more edifying. Here are six of the best;

1)      Gardening with Tim and Joe (BBC Leeds) – Weekly gardening advice with Tim Crowther and Joe Maiden. Includes top tips, plant of the week and Gardening solutions.

2)      BBC Radio 4 Gardeners Question Time – A 40 minute podcast, consisting of top gardening experts including Christine Walkenden and questions from the public. Humorous and informative, GQT is a must for any green fingered enthusiast.

3)      RHS Gardening Podcast – A new addition to the podcast fraternity, the RHS will be broadcasting fortnightly. The podcast features interviews with in-house experts and offers seasonal advice.

4)      Emma The Gardener – The Alternative Kitchen Podcast – Focusing on environmentally friendly ways of growing edible plants in your garden and presented by ethnobotanist Emma Cooper, this podcast is fresh, informative and sometimes unusual. There is an archive of over 100 podcasts to download for free too.

5)      You Bet Your Garden with Mike McGrath – A US based podcast offering fiercely organic advice and approaches to gardening, fending off pests, and encouraging wildlife. A renowned author, McGrath is somebody worth listening to.

6)      A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – A New York based weekly podcast with self confessed gardening maniac Margaret Roach. Emphasising growing vegetables, herbs and other edibles, Margaret is a lively and engaging presenter.

If you know of any interesting podcasts, or if you have any views on the above,  please leave a comment. We love to hear from you.

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