Glazed viewing room home for car enthusiasts

A team of German architects have developed the ultimate accessory for motoring enthusiasts; a drive in home, complete with a display garage.

The block of apartments is currently under construction in a run-down area of Berlin and, when completed, will allow owners to drive their pride-and-joy into a heavy duty elevator, which will in-turn take the car right inside the apartment.

The owners will then be able to admire their car at any time as the only think separating the living space from the elevated garage is a glass wall.

Topos managing director Johannes Kauka explained the ideas behind the project.

"Cars have become design statements, an expression of your lifestyle," he said.

"So why not integrate them properly into your life?"

The homes, which range from £373,000 to £1.27 million, each feature a garden with optional putting green and come with the all important car-pampering unit.

The concept is set to be rolled out to other cities with car-theft and flooding problems; with St Petersburg, Abu Dhabi, Mexico City and Cape Town all showing an interest.