Glazed Anara Tower to host unique restaurant

Property developer Tameer has unveiled its latest project in Dubai – the 120-storey glass clad Anara Tower.

The building will host a 250-room five star hotel, retail facilities, luxury apartments with views of the Emirate and what could be the worlds most adventurous restaurant.

The glazed structure will have a giant propeller-looking area near the top, with the propellers central hub housing the restaurant in a glass case.

It will also feature gardens every 27 floors and an atrium in the middle of the building, according to

Tameer chief executive officer Ghassan Sakhini explained that the building would be environmentally friendly and that the company intended to move its headquarters there as one of the many businesses expected to take up residence there.

The glazed building will offer outstanding views of both the Emirate and the sea, being positioned close to Dubai Marina and Palm Jerusalem.

More and more Brits are becoming interested in glazed architecture and, with new buildings springing up around the world, many want to add their own glazed extension to their home.