Glasshouses combat unpredictable weather

Glasshouses can help horticultural enthusiasts to deal with Britains often-volatile climate, a sector commentator explains.

Ben Naylor explains that anything from chillies to flower and tomatoes can be sheltered from the elements in such structures.

Writing in the online pages of the Independent, he states that more adventurous gardeners may be tempted to install cooling, heating and water systems in their glasshouses to provide plants with near-perfect environments in which to grow.

"For the ultimate energy-efficient and eco-friendly option there are insular panels available," Mr Naylor continues.

People without gardens need not worry, he notes, suggesting that window boxes provide a great environment in which to grow produce such as herbs, lettuces and baby carrots.

Meanwhile, sector commentator Neil Wormald recently wrote in the online pages of the Times that people growing their fruit and vegetables under glass should take steps to protect crops from the sun as it can scorch them.