Glasshouse gets pansies ready for winters end

A gigantic glasshouse in West Sussex, which equates to the size of 14 football pitches, has been used to grow over four million flowers which will be arriving at garden centres in the coming days, the Daily Mail reports.

With the worst of the winter chill now seemingly in the past, gardeners can begin to generate some new colour on their land in the coming season.

And this job could be made easier thanks to the efforts at the Roundstone Nurseries in Pagham, which has added to a vast number of brightly hued pansies with thousands of violas and primroses.

Nursery manager John Polman told the publication: "People love pansies because they are a reminder that spring is coming. They give some colour to our gardens at this time of year before the bulbs – such as daffodils – have really come into bloom.

"Pansies give us instant colour when everything else is a bit drab and grey, and they will last well into the summer."

Some of the diseases that gardeners may have to watch out for with pansies include stem rot, leaf spot and mildew.